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Welcome to Pioneer Manufacturing Company!

We are a machine shop for high precision work. We specialize in
CNC Machining of close toleranced components, with tenth's to
thousandth's accuracy.

If you need complex or difficult components manufactured to
exacting tolerances, it is what we do best.

PMC's team of manufacturing engineers and machinists use state
of the art precision calibrated equipment to meet your precision
machining needs. We perform:
Our Capabilities:

CNC Milling – 3 and 4 axis CNC milling with tolerances from tenth’s
to thousandth's of an inch. Speaking of tight tolerances, our best
work was to achieve a tolerance of .0001 of an inch. Tolerances in
the .0005” to .001” range are easily achieved.

CNC Turning - For our CNC Lathe/Turning department, we
generally work with diameters under 2" but our maximum capacity
is 14".

Deburring - Our deburring department has high power magni-
fication microscopes at deburring station and our employees are
trained and skilled in micro deburring.

We listen to the voice of our Customers!

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